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Genomic evaluation for male fertility in dairy cattle

Nr : 11-SLU-AU

Topic : Genomic evaluation for male fertility in dairy cattle

Host Institutions :
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
Aarhus University (Denmark)

Summary :
There are currently genomic evaluations for many traits in dairy cattle, however, not for male fertility. Such an evaluation could be based on semen quality traits as well as on actual fertility results (e.g., non-return rate), which means that also the female component should be included. With genomic selection breeding programs, younger bulls are used and this could affect the semen quality compared with when the bulk of inseminations were done using progeny tested bulls. Furthermore, the use of sexed semen is increasing and the suitability of of bulls for sexed semen could vary and could be partly genetically determined. The existence of defects could also influence the fertility result without being obvious from semen quality measures. Both Holstein and Nordic Red cattle should be studied and the project will be in close cooperation with Viking Genetics with possible internship there.

We expect that the successful student has some background in quantitative genetics and the use of statistical models, especially mixed linear models, applying some common computer software. Editing and handling of large data sets is an advantage. Molecular genetic knowledge is of lower priority.

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