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The 10th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on August 17-22, 2014.

This congress is the premier conference for researchers and professionals involved in genetic improvement of livestock. Delegates from around the world gather every four years to attend the scientific program and network with colleagues.

All information on the WCGALP are available on the website:www.wcgalp.com

Most EGS-ABG doctoral candidates will attend the congress. They have recently submitted their contribution. These contributions can be distributed into five themes:

Genomic selection or crossbreeding

AMUZU Nancy Prediction of Heterosis in White Leghorn Crossbreds using Paternal 60K SNP Genotypes
ESFANDYARI Hadi Maximizing crossbred performance through purebred genomic selection
HIDALGO Andre Accuracy of Genomic Breeding Values Predicted Within and Across Breeds in Pig Populations
VAN DEN BERG Irene Across Breed QTL Detection and Genomic Prediction in French and Danish Dairy Cattle Breeds
XIANG Tao Imputation of genotypes in Danish two-way crossbred pigs using low density panels

Genetics of functional traits, health traits or ’new’ traits

HAMZIC Edin Plasma Components as Traits for Resistance to Coccidiosis in Chicken
ISMAEL Ahmed Estrus Traits Derived from Activity Measurements are Heritable and closely related to Conventional Estrus Traits
LE Hong Thu Genetic association between leg conformation in young pigs and longevity of Yorkshire sows
LI Bingjie Genetic Parameters for Dry Matter Intake at Different Lactation Stages among Primiparous Holstein, Jersey and Red Cows
TENGHE Amabel Genetic Parameters for Endocrine Fertility Traits from In-line Milk Progesterone Records in Dairy Cows
WELDERUFAEL Gebremedhin Longitudinal Analysis of Somatic Cell Count for Joint Genetic Evaluation of Mastitis and Recovery Liability

Study of identified genes or candidate regions

DUCHEMIN Sandrine Fine-mapping of a candidate region associated with milk-fat composition on Bos Taurus Autosome 17
FANG Zih-Hua Characterization of a new allele encoding ?s2-casein in the Lacaune dairy sheep: possible phylogeny relationship among CSN1S2 alleles
MAO Xiaowei CEACAM18 as candidate for the Holsteincalving QTL onBTA18
ROCHUS Christina ASIP and MC1R mutations causing black coat colour in five Swedish sheep breeds
ZHANG Qiangqiang Runs of homozygosity and distribution of functional variants in cattle genome

Breeding plans and monitoring of the genetic variability

EYNARD Sonia The use of whole genome sequence data to estimate genetic relationships including rare alleles information
JIMENEZ MENA Belén Facing the estimation of effective population size based on molecular markers: comparison of estimators
ROVERE Gabriel Influence Of Specialisation On Connectedness And Genetic Parameters In The Dutch Warmblood Horse Population

Genetic improvement and farming systems in aquaculture

BESSON Mathieu Economic and Environmental Impacts of Improving Growth Rate and Feed Efficiency in Fish Farming Depend on Nitrogen and Density Limitation
MARJANOVIC Jovana Genetic Parameters for Within-family Variance of Harvest Weight in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

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