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EGS-ABG : European Graduate School in Animal Breeding and Genetics

Group 5: 2015-2019

CHU Tuan Thinh Genetic evaluation of feed efficiency of tropical adapted chicken in Sub-Saharan Africa AU-WU
CORDERO-SOLĂ“RZANO Juan Antibody quality of colostrum and milk in dairy cows: importance for health and production, and potential for genetic selection SLU-WU
DA SILVA Vinicius Genetics of seasonal timing in the great tit (Parus major) WU-SLU
UDDIN Md Mesbah Identification of causal factors for recessive genetic defects for embryonic lethality in dairy cattle combining whole exome and genome sequencing AU-APT
ABOSHADY Hadeer Biomarkers allowing the sustainable breeding for genetic resistance to gastro-intestinal nematodes in small ruminants under a tropical environment APT-SLU

EGS-ABG is happy to thank the funders of Group 5:

- The European Commission, via 5 Eramus-Mundus 3-year fellowships

-  plus co-funders of the projects (breeding companies or organizations, or national academic bodies)

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