A new creativity room in AgroParisTech!

The new place for FIPDes’ innovation project

Both cohort 5 and cohort 6 did creativity workshop in this room to support their innovation project

The new creativity room just opened its doors last week in AgroParisTech. It is a place made to improve creativity and to step outside of the framework. It also permits exchanges between students, administrative and teaching staff.
The room has been divided into four spaces: creativity, meeting, work and prototype. A computer with design and 3D prototyping software is provided; through it, the students have the possibility to learn new skills needed now and in the future.
Two creativity workshops have already been done with FIPDes students. The cohort 6 was accompanied to develop their innovative prototype for DIT semester. The cohort 5 did a workshop to help them focus on their senior project’s problematics in order to find creative solutions.

Both groups enjoyed the time spent in this place; the room will be free of access for them to work on their own.

- Updated October 2016 -