Air Liquide Visit

My major reason for selecting FIPDes was because of its close association with industrial partners and its drive towards sustainable food processing. Sustainable production is close to non-existent in my country so I was geared to experience a world different from where I came from. This journey started with Air Liquide and I was not prepared for what I was about to see. I know Europe is so far ahead in technology but I never imagined technological advancements of this magnitude. Among other things, Air Liquide is also a major supplier of nitrogen being used in freezing and it also has a subsidiary company producing the machinery required for the processing. We were very fortunate to have some of the workers give us a detailed explanation of the functionality of cryogenics in the cold supply chain. The advantages of the application of cryogenics not only include lower cost initial investment and operational costs as compared to mechanical freezing but it also produces and maintains superior product quality. This was only but a fraction of the information we got equipped with from the Air Liquide visit and the unfortunate part is that Bateau-Mouche was waiting for us back at Seine river so my group did not have sufficient time to tour the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) showroom. Personally, the visit to Air Liquide was a huge eye-opener. Like I imagined FIPDes to be, it was the perfect introduction to the course which further enticed my desire for research in sustainable production. The reason why I probably had limited knowledge of it was because of its absence in Africa. The presence of Air Liquide research campuses will bring along technological advancements in Africa and possibly bring about the much-needed solutions for food security.
Lynda Nechavava, Zimbabwe, Cohort 11


- Updated November 2022 -