Awards for FIPDes Master students

Hack för Maten 2016 at the Krinova Incubator & Science Park

Hack för Maten at the Krinova Incubator & Science Park brings together designers, developers, students, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and create "hacks" for challenges surrounding food that are pitched to participants.

Pitches this year were presented by IKEA, Absolut, Oatley, local organisations, as well as start-ups. Nine cohort 4 FIPDes students attended the food hackathon for 2016.

Distributed over five of nine different teams, six of nine FIPDes students and their respective teams won in one of the following categories:

1. Most Innovative Idea

Team eat:em

Challenge: How to get people to eat insects or products that use insect based ingredients?

Hack: Application of product development was proposed to create familiar food products with insect based ingredients over time to slowly normalise these novel ingredients to consumers. The scope of the product line covers products that can be used from ’sunrise to sunset’. Personalised marketing was also proposed to gain consumer acceptance by giving them the comfort space of choosing the experience that they want with eat:em.
FIPDes student participant(s): Esteban Echeverria (Italy), Hannah Shu (Italy),
Merve Çiftci (Italy)

Watch pitch video here:

2.The Biggest Impact Idea

Team Dynahmat 2.0

Challenge: Explore usage of dynamic shelf life and food waste reduction of a Dynahmat BLE/RFID sensor which logs and sends temperature,time and location information through a gateway (e.g. smartphone) to a web service.

Hack: It was proposed to use the sensor in combination with an app to provide a real time update of the condition of their refrigeration and cold chain systems. A long term vision of making the chip thinner, edible and able to detect multiple shelf life indicators for dynamic shelf life update
FIPDes student participant(s): Hazel Yuga (Italy)
Watch pitch video here:

3. The Idea with the Most Potential

Challenge: How can we encourage play between children and parents through food?

Hack: A modular play plate was created. These pieces are designed to encourage play and building with food via patterns, colors, indents, designs, etc. They are able to be connected to one another to adapt to the growing appetite of the child or mealtime needs. In this way, parents can not only feed their children, but play with them as well. It also creates a fun platform to introduce new foods and flavors to children in a less daunting way.
FIPDes student participant(s): Amy Bredehoft (Sweden), Katy Congelton (Italy)
Watch pitch video here:

The prize was a sum at 50,000 SEK divided amongst the three winning teams.

Other FIPDes students that participated were:
Team Your Local: Anna Kim (Sweden), Santika Chenderasa (Sweden)
Team Foodment: Monica P Castañeda (Sweden)

You can check out the food hackathon and other pitch videos on Krinova Incubator & Science Park website:

FIPDes student Hannah Shu (2014-2016)

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