Here you can find some information regarding entrepreneurship in each institution of FIPDes Consortium.
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Pépite PEIPS - The student-entrepreneur network of Paris-Saclay
The objectives of a university part of the Pépite programme are to:
 Strengthen entrepreneurial culture and innovation in higher education
 Implement awareness-raising, training, and support actions
 Foster the connection between students’ business creation projects with companies, as well as support and financing structures.
The PEIPS offers:
  a referent to guide students at each step of their project from the idea to the development of the start-up
  The possibility of getting the National Student-Entrepreneur status (SNEE) and the Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E)
  Competitions and events to help develop innovative ideas

Entrepreneurship Itinerary at AgroParisTech
This itinerary allows students to think about the development of their idea and offers them active support to enable an efficient outcome for their project.
The itinerary consists of several phases that are summarized in the diagram below:

Lund University
Lund offers many opportunities and solutions for students with an entrepreneurial mindset.
For more information about the multiple options, please visit Lund website.

University of Naples Federico II - UNINA
The University of Naples Federico II is supported by the Third Mission and Technology Transfer Office whose mission is the management of activities concerning entrepreneurship.

TU Dublin
TU Dublin has developed many programs and opportunities to enforce entrepreneurship within the student community. Talks, accelerator programmes, student competitions…have a look on their website for more information.

- Updated April 2022 -