Excursion to Olive Oil factory in Italy, November 2014

Torretta oil mill

On the 14th of November 2014, the FIPDes Italian Team together with other students of UNINA visited Torretta oil mill which is one of the best producer of DOP (”designation of origin”) extra virgin olive oil located in Battipaglia, Salerno since 1960.

(Olive selection prior to production)

(Professor Raffaele Sacchi of UNINA and Maria Provenza of Torretta during the plant tour)

Maria from the third generation in the Provenza family is an olive oil Chef Master Taster and currently manages Torretta oil-mill. She personally guided the students during the tour of the facility and extra virgin olive oil degustation. Sold under the brand name Torretta (the name of location where the oil-mill lies), their oils are made using only the best olives from the hills of Salerno Province, mostly from Battipaglia, MontecorvinoRovella, Serre and Eboli. Each bottle is a blend of tradition, innovation and guaranteed excellent quality offering a harmonious balance between thefruity, spicy and bitter flavor as well as the green olive olfactive notes.

(FIPDes about to have lunch with other UNINA students)
Based on the Kilometer Zero project, the perfect way to finish that day was a lunch pairing olive oil with typical Italian cheese such as Mozzarella, Provola, Ricotta and Bocconcini together with “Menaica” Salted Anchovies.

(Paola Vitaglione, FIPDes professor)

(November 2014)

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