FIPDes Brewery tour in Ireland

FIPDes brewery tour to O’Hara’s Carlow Brewing Company, Ireland, March 2017.

The FIPDes students cohort 6 visited the Carlow Brewery Company, about 80 kms south west of Dublin.
They split them into two groups. One group got a tour of the Brewery, while the other group did a tasting session and chose beers from their range of 30 products, then the groups swapped over.
The company sell to big supermarket chains like Aldi and Marks and Spencer’s. They also export to countries such as the United States and Thailand. They had a great day, enjoying the sunny weather and the beers!

“Thanks to DIT, we went to visit the O’Hara’s Carlow Brewing Company.
With the company engineer’s guidance and patient explanation, we visited the manufacturing plant to have a close view on how to treat with the raw materials, how beer is fermented and how to fill the fermented beer into cans/bottles and finish packaging.
Afterwards, we were invited to have a taste of different kinds of beer and learned where this different flavours/aromas comes from.
Anyway, it is an interesting tour and it is even better with free beer!”
(Zhuxuezi Zhao, FIPDes student, cohort 6)

Pictures by Zhuxuezi Zhao


- Updated June 2017 -