FIPDes Consortium in Naples, May 2015

The Consortium of the Master Food Innovation & Product Design met in Naples in May 2015

One of the UNINA Campus (University of Naples Federico II) is located in Portici, south of Naples. The FIPDes Consortium met in Portici, where the FIPDes students have their classes and are working on their Master thesis.

FIPDes Consortium in sunny Naples:

Common lunch in beautiful Villa Signorini

Meeting the UNINA FIPDes students

Consortium working jointly on the sustainability of FIPDes

The Faculty of Agriculture, where the FIPDes students are studying is located in the prestigious Royal Palace of Portici. The palace was built by King Charles of Bourbon in 1742. From the first floor you have a wonderful view down to the seaside.

(updated May 2015)

- Updated May 2015 -