FIPDes International Lunch 2018: A culinary trip around the world

The traditional international lunch took place on Tuesday 27th November in Massy.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a culinary trip around the world. In the recently concluded FIPDes International lunch, all of the FIPDes students, Professors, and coordinators studying and working in Paris, France gathered to have a feast of different cuisine from several countries. The two tables were filled with amazing main dishes and desserts that left everyone’s satisified and full.

The dishes vary from vegetarian, meat-lovers, rice-based, salad, noodles, and a lot more.

The desserts, on the other hand, are pies, chocolate-flavored, fruit-based, dairy products, among others.

The room was filled with stories about the dishes and each experiences as this was a very rare opportunity to share cultures among FIPDes people through good food. Truly, FIPDes international lunch was a great event.

Article written by Roxanne Mae Targa, Philippines, Cohort 8


- Updated December 2018 -