FIPDes Week 2022

My first day of FIPDes week was marked with so much anxiety. However, when I got to the venue it was a welcoming environment and I also had my first croissant!!! The presentations from different speakers confirmed what I had always read about and indeed developed countries were using technological advancements to fight food insecurity while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability.
FIPDes week gave me an insight into the different technologies which span from using cryogenics in food preservation to making laboratory meat!!! Now that I was not ready to process! I mostly appreciated the presentations from the different lectures from the four partner universities. When I left Zimbabwe, I was adamant that I wanted to pursue a path in food packaging and logistics but after the presentations, I want to do it all because everything is so intriguing. I am going to have a hard choosing where to go for the 3rd semester, the lecturers did a good job selling their programmes. Above everything else, from the croissants, the presentations from differential and academic partners, and of course the amazing different cuisines served during the lunches, the FIPDes week was beyond my expectations providing a lifetime experience. It also allowed me to interact with FIPDes alumni, AgroParisTech alumni, and other renewed industrial partners working towards sustainable food processing.
Lynda Nechavava, Zimbabwe, Cohort 11


- Updated September 2022 -