FIPDes at "Study in EUrope Fair" in South Korea - 2016

Seoul - June 4th and 5th 2016

Hoyeon Park, FIPDes Alumnus from Cohort 1, was contacted by the European Union Delegation to Korea to share her Erasmus Mundus experience.

The Study in Europe Fair was held in Seoul on June 4th and 5th, 2016. It’s an event to promote higher education in Europe, with the presence of institutions and embassies of 21 member countries (more information:

In that event, Hoyeon Park, FIPDes Alumnus from Cohort 1, talked about the FIPDes programme, life in different countries and overall impression. She highly recommended the programme and Erasmus Mundus experience.

"The audience at the fair was impressed by the academic excellence and the industry network of FIPDes. I’ve given my contact details to future applicants, so hopefully there are more high-profile Korean students in FIPDes 2017-2019 and onwards."

"The EU Delegation to Korea said that the FIPDes brochure was a perfect example to describe the mobility rule and participation of different EU universities. As not many Koreans were aware of Erasmus +, we had difficulties in explaining its structure. So we used the FIPDes structure to explain how the programme typically works."

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