FIPDes at the Paris International Agricultural Show

Salon International de l’Agriculture

FIPDes was part of the big International Agricultural Show in Paris in February 2015

During the week from the 21st February to the 1st March the very famous International Agricultural Show took place in Paris. This year the overal topic was INNOVATION. Therefore of course FIPDes was part of it! One part of the stand of AgroParisTech, the coordinating FIPDes institution, was dedicated to Food innovation!

Barbara Rega, coordinator of the FIPDes Programme presented the FIPDes Programme on site! You can see her video here

Barbara Rega, FIPDes par AgroParisTech

Several questionnaires and food games have been prepared and animated by AgroParisTech students!

AgroParisTech prepared for this occasion a booklet: AgroParisTech au coeur de l’innovation (AgroParisTech in the heart of innovation)

Find the whole booklet here

- Updated October 2015 -