FIPDes celebrating St. Patrick’s day in Dublin

FIPDes Master students celebrating St. Patricks Day in true Irish spirit

"One of the most enriching experiences of the FIPDes program is being a part of and learning different cultures and lifestyles."

As the FIPDes Cohort 5 woke up on the morning of 17th of March, little did they know that they were going to experience one of the most memorable days of their life. After a class of Food Regulation the previous day, everyone got busy buying small Ireland souvenirs to wear on and join in the Irish spirit. As they walked by the roads of Dublin wearing their green sashes, flags, hats and goggles, with painted faces, they felt a true sense of celebration in the air of the city. Everyone eagerly waited on the streets of O’Connell to secure a good spot to see the famous St.Patrick’s Day parade, and they were not disappointed. The entire day was spent enjoying the green Irish culture, learning about the history of Ireland and feeling like a part of the city. Everyone in the city was on the streets with only one goal in their minds, to celebrate!

After St. Patrick’s day, we all feel a little Irish!

Divya Mohan (FIPDes student 2015-2017)

- Updated May 2016 -