FIPDes student Ashri Nugrahini winner in the 2019 IFTSA student competition

Ashri Nugrahini, FIPDes master student at Lund University, was part of the winning team in the 2019 IFTSA (Institute of Food Technologists Student Association) competition, with the concept Moringau. Together with other team members Cynthia Andriani and Mushonnifun Faiz Sugihartanto, also students at Lund University, she won in the category “Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Product Development”. The Moringau food product is a ready to cook porridge, targeting children in Mozambique suffering from malnutrition. The winning teams were announced at the final event in New Orleans, USA, 2-5 June.

Figure shows a serving suggestion (upper left), product and packaging concept design (upper right) and the three team members together with Paula da Conceição Mussera Viola, researcher and advisor from Mozambique (from the left: Ashri Nugrahini, Paula da Conceição Mussera Viola, Cynthia Andriani and Mushonnifun Faiz Sugihartanto).

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- Updated September 2019 -