FIPDes students at the SIAL: Salon de l’industrie agroalimentaire, Paris, Fall 2014

FIPDes – the program which brings together foodies from all over the world!

In the end of October I had a chance to visit SIAL, the world largest innovation marketplace. The international food expo had products from all categories and from more than 100 different countries. To my pleasant surprise you could try out every single product! By the end of the day I turned out to be an overfull belly together with overwhelming sensations created by different flavours, textures and aromas. At SIAL I found two new enchanting flavours: strawberry-mint-rose pepper ice-cream and birk tree juice flavoured drink. Never had I tried lemonade with gold flakes nor carbonated coffee! In addition to just bombarding your senses with new products, one could also participate at the thought provoking discussions. Various experts talked on subjects such as the future of packaging or innovating out of the box. But for sure, the scariest experience was trying out dried grasshoppers!

PS! If you are from a small country and meet fellow citizens as the exhibitors at SIAL then bring a huge suitcase with you, as you will be going home with a lot of free samples! Thank you Saku Õlletehase AS, E-Piim Production LTD, Berry Group and Estonian Association of Fishery.

Mariliis Holm (FIPDes cohort 2014-2016)

Trade meets innovation

A glimpse of SIAL in Francisco’s words:
“SIAL brings together one of the world’s biggest ingredient trading and innovation fair. Travel from country to country while navigating its endless “streets and avenues” filled with colorful booths. It is not only a trading paradise for suppliers and buyers around the world, but an exhibition of today’s most innovative food solutions. A must see for food professionals, weather to stay on top of the newest trend or to draw inspiration from its multicultural nature. And why not… to try a sample or two.”

Whereas on her journey through SIAL, Yi Zhang met two young Thai entrepreneurs who deeply inspired her. Their brand is called “Banana Joe” and they started out by renting banana plantations and making banana chips domestically. In their 2 years’ journey, they have established their brand in Thailand and Japan. Now they are seeking new horizons in the European market.

Sarabjit Kaur (FIPDes cohort 2013-2015)

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