FIPDes students attending the SIAL

Salon International de l’Alimentation 2016, Paris

FIPDes students cohort 5 & 6 visited the SIAL in Paris, the world biggest event in food innovation!

Article written by Zhuxuezi Zhao, cohort 6

Amazing SIAL trip

Thanks to FIPDes, we FIPDes students were offered an excellent opportunity to attend the SIAL on 19th October, the biggest worldwide food innovation event.
Here are the most impressive innovative products in my perspective.

Foam vinegar
(low-calorie salad dressing with 4 flavours)

Sparkling sake
(mild flavor with interesting bubbles)

Portable tea/coffee pot
(easy to carry and discard, suitable for picnic)

Cheese sausage
(sausage shaped cheese with garlic and smoke flavors. High in protein, low in salt. Suitable for children)

Cheese protein bar
(85% protein, less than 5% sugar, delightful flavors and appealing package, especially designed for children)

Crunchy chili pepper
(Vacuum-fried chili pepper with pizza, Thai sour and hot sauce and pulm flavours. It will be wonderful to eat this with beer)

Bonne nuit beverage
(helps people who have sleep disorder to have a sweet dream)

Blue coffee
(wake-you-up energy beverage without bitter flavor as coffee does)

It is apparently that SIAL inspired me a lot about food innovation not only the concept but sustainability, new ingredients, packaging and environmentally-friendly.
Most meaningful day ever!

- Updated October 2016 -