FIPDes students visited Yoplait and Lyon

Visit to the Yoplait company

The new FIPDes cohort went to Lyon and visited the Yoplait company, one of our associated partner.
(Article written by Zhuxuezi Zhao, cohort 6)

Meet Lyon, Meet Yoplait

Thanks to Yoplait, we FIPDes students of cohort 6 were invited to visit Yoplait dairy factory on Lyon.

Astonishing Innovation power of Yoplait

The slogan of Yoplait is that we serve the world by making food&people love. It means that Yoplait not only care about the functions of their products but also the emotional experience.

According to the spokesman from Yoplait, their aim is to become the best big small company. Which means that they would like to develop wild ideas, to take risks and to make decisions fast. Thus, they develop 100 new products every year in order to meet the rapidly-changing requirements from consumers, since consumers always expect new experience.

Innovation workshop

This afternoon, my classmates and I participated an interesting innovation workshop under the help with Yoplait R&D clerks both in Lyon and USA via video call.

We tried to make innovative wallets based on the requests of our partners (e.g. waterproof, anti-theft).

During this workshop, we learned to think on customers’ perspectives and to find practical solutions for them. It is quite inspiring for our career path.

After the visit in Yoplait, we also enjoyed the food and scenery of Lyon thanks to the kindness of AgroParisTech for allowing us to stay one day more.

(Photo credit: Zhuxuezi Zhao)


- Updated December 2016 -