FIPDes students won the Greater CPH FoodHack 2018 !

Discover all about this wonderful event

There were 17 FIPDes students participating in the FoodHack, having a great weekend together, and meeting new food-hacking friends from all sorts of backgrounds. It took place on 26-28 January at Krinova Incubator and Science Park, Kristianstad, Sweden. And it was such an amazing experience !

FIPDes students Inthuja Manickan and Theresa Stolberg were in the winning team of the first part of the Greater Copenhagen FoodHack 2018 ! The team, called “Apple Girl” presented their winning concept, “Apple leather” as a premium, multi-purpose and 100 % biodegradable packaging material, sustainably made from the leftovers from apple juice production. The first prize was about 4 800 EUR ! Congratulations!
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Also FIPDes co-workers Lucie Tiollier, Clémence Mian and Erik Andersson attended the event.

The teams with FIPDes participants:

Apple Girl
From FIPDes: Inthuja Manickam, Theresa Stolberg
Concept: The Apple Leather – a premium, multi-purpose packaging material made from 100 % biodegradable apple pulp.

Apple girl won the price !

Food Confidence
From FIPDes: Peishun He
Concept: Change cooking habits by smart devices.

Future breakfast
From FIPDes: Puja Rauniyar
Concept: AppYouGo – get a custom-made breakfast according to your needs, by combining information from chips in your body, from an app in your mobile phone and from a food station.

From FIPDes: Fernando Guardiola, Zoé Weinmann-Bieth
The Concept: Fresh, eco-friendly and local vertical growing of vegetables, promoted by famous chefs with exclusive rights to the products.

Hack-a-Burst Drink
From FIPDes: Shan Chen, Ashri Nugrahini, Jan Roland Moulina
Concept: A healthy, low-sugar drink with fibres, vitamins and Omega 3 fats for young people who do not move as much as they should.
Hempy Latte
From FIPDes: Lito Andrioti Petropoulou
Concept: An innovative and healthy drink based on leftovers from hemp oil production, mixed with oat drink and honey.

From FIPDes: Elena Araujo Soto, Nuti Nutasingh, Raphael Martins, Renata Kostovska
Concept: Bring magic to veggies by a healthy drink aimed for kids, glowing in the dark!

Why supermarkets?
From FIPDes: Taguhi Harutyunyan, Carla Murillo, Sonam Lhamo
Concept: A platform and marketplace where food producers and consumers can connect directly without the need for a supermarket. The concept includes a supportive logistics module.

- Updated September 2018 -