First year

The aim of the first study year is to provide a thorough and broad introduction to both food science & technology and innovation management, so as to assure mastery of core-knowledge in these fields.

Students will attend the first semester at AgroParisTech (Paris, France) and the second at TU Dublin (Dublin, Ireland).

Students attend modules, projects and summer school in France and Ireland and a optional summer internship worldwide.
They acquire cutting-edge knowledge in food science and technology, sustainability, culinary innovation and business. Students undertake open-innovation projects such as the Junior Projects (engineering oriented) or the Food Prototype module (culinary oriented) and finally participate in a showcase challenge. The Joint FIPDes Summer School provides students with advanced sensory and consumer science modules and tutorials, while the international summer internship allows them to experience a new professional environment.

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The introduction module is organized at the beginning of the first semester at AgroParisTech (France) to present the teaching staff from all Consortium institutions and give students practical tips for their stay.
Introductory lectures on the main challenges of food innovation are given by the teaching staff of Consortium institutions and by guest lecturers from the professional sector. Students attend a full-day seminar on Food Innovation and Product Design, "FIPDes Day", during which graduating FIPDes students contribute by sharing the results of their research.
The Introduction module is part of the "FIPDes week" which brings the whole FIPDes community together: students from all cohorts and Consortium representatives from all partner institutions.

In addition to the compulsory core courses, students choose one optional module among a list already available in the national AgroParisTech master. This degree of freedom will make it possible for students to develop specific skills in line with their professional project. During the first year of study (M1) students participate in a junior project, a double module covering the two semesters. Teams of students are in charge of managing a practical R&D project related to innovation with the assistance of a professional. They build their project progressively thanks to the different knowledge and skills acquired in both universities.

- Updated February 2020 -