Food Hackathon 2017

The annual KRINOVA’s Food Hackathon takes place in Kristianstad (SWEDEN).

FIPDes students participated this year again to the KRINOVA Food Hackathon.

FIPDes students were invited to participate to the Food Hackathon organised by Krinova Science Park. This event took place in Sweden (Kristianstad) during three days. A "Hackathon" is a short event (2 days) where the participants collaborate in teams around an idea. IT professionals, 3D printers and post-it were available for the participants to design and make their ideas turn to reality.

This year theme was: “Connectivity of food”.

FIPDes students were split in four different teams and won two prices.

Zita box: a box to transport fruits and vegetables in southern countries. The design structure is more convenient because it is adaptable and strong. The aim is to decrease post-harvest and transport losses (Idea with the most impact). a platform to connect with your neighbour and make your groceries (farm, producer) together in order avoid useless transport (Audience choice).

Make a bite: an app that is going to help you include more plant based food in your recipes. According to your mood you can choose the sustainable impact of your food with a specific ‘green’ scale (from meat meal to vegan).

Edugreen: facilities and easy learning about circular urban farming. Imagine a perfect combination of an insect farm, a compost, collection of rain water and much more, to feed your near neighbourhood.

Once again, the event was a real success and the FIPDes students are very enthusiasts and motivated to participate to the next edition! Thank you Krinova!


- Updated April 2017 -