Food Hackathon: competition in Sweden

Food Hackathon in Sweden

This year’s Food Hackathon competition in Sweden is from 22 to 24 January 2016!

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Last year FIPDes students won all the categories in Food Hackathon 2014

During the Food Hackathon Hack förmaten (Swedish for Hack for food), 26-28 September 2014 in Kristianstad, Sweden, FIPDes students Chrisant Rystiasih, Priyanka Meena and Elisabete Oliveira won first prize in all categories, together with their respective teams.

Most innovative idea: Cooking for computers
The idea behind this project was to make it easier to follow recipes by using lexical analysis to parse recipes and generate a visual guide with icons and images instead of text.
FIPDes participant: Chrisant Rystiasih
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The biggest impact idea: Food Loop
This team created a platform to return edible fruits and vegetables, which otherwise would have been thrown away, back into the food supply chain.
FIPDes participant: Priyanka Meena
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The idea with the most potential: Open Jar
The Open Jar project was about knowing which food you have in your fridge and to get help with shopping lists and suggested meals in order to keep your fridge free of expired products.
FIPDes participant: Elisabete Oliveira
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The prize sum of 50 000 SEK was divided between the three teams.
Also FIPDes student Silvia Garcia Gonzalez participated with the project Gut.
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A hackathon is a weekend event where people from technical and creative backgrounds come together, form teams around an idea, and use their skills to transform ideas into reality. The Food Hackathon Hack förmaten2014 was organised by Krinova Science and Incubator Park, Sweden.

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