Food development fair 2016

Showcase in DIT, May 2016

Students of Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes) presented their own products!

FIPDes students participated in the showcase 2016 in Dublin and presented their newly developed food products!
Students of FIPDes Cohort 5 showcased their innovative food product prototypes on the 4th of May 2016 at the Dublin Institute of Technoloyg in Ireland. It was an amalgamation of culinary skills and food business expertise displayed in every product that was designed from scratch including the creative packaging. They brought forward a range of products from royal jelly ice creams to macha donuts.

This year, Ziwei Guo from China, won the award for most innovative product for OOPI BISCUIT, a biscuit that employs a sustainable approach by using banana peels to make a high in fiber, delicious and healthy snack.

(Pictures by © Conor Mulhern)

- Updated December 2016 -