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 In Paris, 70 % of the AgroParisTech Master students are international students. In order to facilitate their life and studies at AgroParisTech, the International office is mostly devoted to their welcoming conditions, in association with other departments of AgroParisTech (Educational Department, Lodging Department, Students’ International Club). A guide for students at AgroParisTech has been created especially for international students and can be downloaded on AgroParisTech website. AgroParisTech provides accommodation to international students (they have a priority over the French students). In many cases, AgroParisTech can help to get a scholarship (e.g: Eiffel excellence scholarship, Ile-de-France Region scholarship,…). The Students’ International Club organises a “Buddy” system for international students and assist them in their arrival in France and their integration. In particular The International Students Cité of Paris offers the Reception Office for Mobile Students to welcome the students and to help them from the day they arrive (help with the formalities, inform on cultural gaps and proposes to each one, during their stay, language courses and leisure activities…).

More information: AgroParisTech Flyer in English

For information about living and studying in France, the major website where you can find useful information is CampusFrance (English version available): it provides information about cost of living, visa and residence permits requirements, accomodation, cost of living, etc.

Here you can find a very nice Handbook for students coming to France: "Enjoy French Culture - shock"

Foreign students in Paris can also find information here (documents in English):
Etudiants de Paris

For information about Paris, you can check the website of Paris city hall, which has a version in English: Paris City Hall and the website of the Tourism office (English and other languages): Tourism Office.

For information about visa, you can check the English pages of the OFII (immigration office) here:

Another website that may be useful but is available only in French: the CROUS, which works on improving student life (student restaurants, scholarship, accommodation...)

- Updated February 2021 -