Graduation 2015

FIPDes Graduation ceremony 2015

Congratulation to cohort 3!!!

FIPDes cohort 3 students got their diploma on 4th September in Paris! The festive graduation ceremony took place in the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris!
Families from all over the world from Indonesia, India, Mexico and more, came to join this ceremony!

An amazing way to conclude a wonderful 2 year experience. I’m glad students could have an active part in planning the ceremony, it was another way we came and worked together. I will forever cherish the journey towards graduation, and the ceremony itself.

Anindyaningrum Chrisant Rystiasih (FIPDes graduate 2015)

FIPDes 3 graduation ceremony was something I was not looking forward to, because I know that it would be full of emotions and that tears would flow. And I was correct. Nevertheless, the whole graduation committee managed to make the whole event a wonderful celebration to honor every person that made the FIPDes program possible. During the event, it was very great to hear the testimonial videos coming from our classmates about what they think of us. The life experience video which was 2 years in the making was also a very sentimental trip down memory lane.
And when the time we got our hard-earned diploma, sang ’Rather Be’ and did our last group hug together, we felt that this is definitely not the end of everything, but only the start of better days to come - together as one FIPDes cohort 3 :)

Gerald Perry Marin (FIPDes graduate 2015)

Also Paris delegate councillor in charge of Europe, Hermano Sanches Ruivo, congratulated the FIPDes students.

Here you can watch the whole graduation ceremony

Pictures by Martial Guisnet

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