Krinova Food Hack’ : we had to transfer our passion to vision

Food hackathon 2018

FOOD HACKATHON 2018, Feedback from Taguhi Harutyunyan (cohort 6)

Taguhi and FIPDes students at Food Hackathon, Krinova 2018

" The last week of January FIPDes students, and not only, had an amazing opportunity to participate to “Krinova Hackathon”, organized by “Krinova Incubator and Science Park” Sweden, Kristianstad. Those three days were full of activities and seminars dedicated to food, innovation through it, food design, novel food structured by 3D printing, and even more, improving health through food innovation.
The very first day, we were welcomed by some professionals in food and entrepreneurship, and by the CEO of Krinova Science Park Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth, which without any doubt was a very encouraging for all the participants to become more creative during coming 48h work.

Moreover, before being introduced to the pitches, we were pleased to attend another fascinating workshop named as “Food design is shit”, by Marije Vogelzang, followed by the novel food structuring by 3D printing presented by DTU Food, and of course finally got a lot about diet and surgery - healthy diets through Okinawa people lifestyle. After all of this just enjoy coffee break along with Food Tech Pavilion; means networking, learning about the most modern and original food ideas in a very recent stage, asking and grabbing the most one can.

There were 12 pitches presented by the very diverse and broad fields concerning food as it is, and not only: starting from the new product development for a certain segment to the logistical and food waste issues business holder, food and innovation passionate, or human faces.

As a very first task, we had to choose one topic to work and brainstorm on within a team made of diverged minds, following one aim: come up with a very unique and jury convincing idea. Of course among that twelve challenges I had chosen some / for me 3/ privileged ones which to say gently were very much diverse. Thus, the decision did not come to me easily, since I tried to be more realistic rather than passion and sympathy driven, and accompanied the one where I could contribute more to achieve the best result.

"Two days seemed to be ahead, but we had to manage so much at first to transfer our passion to vision, and then convince that our vision is more than realistic and is going to fulfill market gap".

We had a lot of controversy ideas, ups and downs, at the same time to realize the accuracy of the track we headed, teams had a very unique prospect to have discussion with team members of Krinova and get their professional point of view.

Along with all this work, I can surely mention the nice and appealing food we were getting, some of which were spiced with the more fascinating and intelligent presentations about innovation,
team building, hacking and certainly best presentation tips which would ensure our confidence and clarity while introducing our ideas.
It was amazing three days experience of knowledge, innovation, food, networking and definitely fun, 48h of productive, sometimes hard workload time.

Taguhi Harutyunyan
M2 student AgroParisTech

- Updated September 2018 -