Master Thesis Defense at AgroParisTech

On mid-July, FIPDes students at AgroParisTech in the FDE (Food Design and Engineering) specialization presented their master thesis project during an online session.
The jury from AgroParisTech and the academic and industrial tutors were amazed by the quality of the work of the students. Despite the difficult context, the students were able to continue their master thesis and to obtain very good results.

As the event was held online, students from Cohort 8 and 9 were able to join the session and to participate actively by asking questions and making comments.

The subjects of the different master thesis are the following:

ASAMOAH Eugenia: Role of pea protein and pea starch on functionality and formation of volatile organic compounds in bakery applications

BUGARIN CASTILLO Yurixy: 3D printing to produce model food structure to study food oral processing

CERK Klara: The Ecology of Salmonella spp. in pork meat processing industry - comparative genotyping and phenotyping

HASHEMI Anahita: Strategies for the implementation of innovative polymers for the development of bio-sourced packaging with high gas barriers

LACEY Karen: Removal of common contaminants and antinutrients from commercial plant protein ingredients

MOMM Luana: Development of an aromatic matrix to be added in beer before refermentation step

MORENO Andres: Food product development: an innovative jelly dessert with satiating properties

MYERS Janelle: Durum and Common Wheat in Breadmaking: Enzymatic Correction to Valorize Wheat Blends

PAPADOCHRISTOPOULOS Angelos: Transcriptomic analysis of Listeria monocytogenes grown at low temperature with unsaturated fatty acids

Thank you to all the participants for making this event a success!

Congratulations to Yurixy, Klara, Anahita, Karen, Luana, Andres, Janelle and Angelos!!!

The book of executive summary will soon be available online if you want to discover more about our students and their work.

- Updated September 2020 -