Master Thesis Defense in Lund

5th June 2020

On 5 June, FIPDes students at Lund University successfully presented their master thesis projects. For the first time, this public event was held totally online. Thanks to the technology, people from abroad could easily attend – in total there where between 32 and 47 people watching the presentations. Among them, there were representatives from all hosting companies, i.e. Danone Nutricia, Elanco, Electrolux and Tetra Pak, and from present FIPDes cohorts (8 and 9). Thank you to the students, their supervisors and examiners for making this a memorable event! Below students and their master thesis projects.

Nawapan Boonchum & Roxanne Mae Targa: Predicting fillability of viscoelastic product in Tetra Recart

Elif Tiryakioglu: Development and evaluation of a sustainable paper straw wrap: A packaging design project for Tetra Pak

Sonika Singh: Recyclability by design for multilayer plastic flexible packaging: A comparative study of recyclability by design guidelines and alignment among various stakeholders

Lukas Luggin: Evaluation of alternative packaging for solid oral dosage forms: An assessment from Elanco’s perspective

Nalaputi Basoeki: Evaluation of bagged lettuce quality in different packaging and fridge conditions

All master thesis reports are available as full-text pdf files via Lund University’s local FIPDes webpage.
Congratulations to Nawapan, Roxanne, Nalaputi, Lukas, Elif and Sonika!!!

- Updated August 2020 -