Master thesis defense in AgroParisTech

On 4 and 5 June, the 5th cohort FIPDes students in Paris successfully presented their Master’s theses!

Izza Patricia Cortez
Effects of process variations on particle size and rheological properties of ice cream mix as measured on-line and at-line

Ziwei Guo
Enzymatic processes to create added value ingredients in early life nutrition product

Juan Camilo Varela Tabares
Effect of the variation of the formulation ingredients and process parameters on the stability and sensory properties of aerated desserts

Siddharth Sharan
Future of fermentation - Idea generation and development of prototypes

Natalija Kozarevska
Comprehension of the pH effect on the degradation kinetics of Vitamin C during the heating of a liquid model solution

Ling Wang
Comparative study of different characterization methods of the cooking level in cereal/bakery products

Julian David Gonzalez Romero
Cottage cheese optimization

Sarai Arce Espinosa
Study of stability of Bifidobacterium in infant formula during processing and storage

Nan Ma
Investigating novel ways of improving iron nutrition in young child formula

Yamile Sayaret Dominguez Hernandez
Competitive intelligence analysis of the dairy light category to drive nutrition superiority in product design

- Updated August 2017 -