Master thesis defense in Lund

Lund University, 2 June 2017

On 2 June, the 5th cohort FIPDes students in Lund successfully presented their Master’s theses!

Invited industry representatives from Tetra Pak, Oatly, Probi, Lantmännen and Duni were very happy with the students’ results and their engagement in their work. The students presenting and the title of their theses:

Elena Bauxauli Marin
Investigation of a bottle weight reduction in a selected milk plant in the United Kingdom

Brendan Crosse
An explorative study into the growth strategies used in the niche dairy industry and its applicability to developing a large-scale niche dairy industry in Ireland

Wally Garcia Castillo
Folding carton and internal printing: A technical approach to consumer differentiation and food safety

Júlia Krammer
Exploring the last phases of product development: From kitchen to plant production

Divya Mohan
Evaluating the behaviour of probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum 299v in non-dairy oat based yogurt using two different packaging materials

Yoga Putranda
Impact of biobased packaging materials on quality of fully-baked frozen bread

Muhamad Syahir Suhaimi
Evaluation of the Corrugated Box Strength Performance in Supply Chains - A case study of Duni AB

Congratulations to them!

Pictures by Erik Andersson

- Updated August 2017 -