Master thesis defense in Naples

On 27 July, the 5th cohort FIPDes students in Naples successfully presented their Master’s theses!

Volkan Bagdadli
Exploring generational market segmentation and consumer behaviour towards sparkling wine in the U.S.

Nancy Calderon
Salivary N-acylethanolamines upon food mastication in humans: influence of individual nutritional status

I-Chin Lee
Formula Optimization of New Cricket Flour Based Cookies Using Sensory Evaluation

Elizabeth Mensah
Effect of antimicrobial activation of a compostable package on the shelf life of selected food products

Laura Gonzalez Murillo
Potential functionality of protein hydrolysate-enriched biscuits for glycaemia control

Laura Ruiz Morfin
The Effect of Added Multicomponent Antioxidant Formulations in Sunflower Oil based Model and Food Systems

- Updated September 2017 -