OrienTea: innovative food startup

FIPDes Alumni creating start-up

OrienTea is an organic freshly brewed Ready to Drink Tea full of antioxidants

OrienTea is an innovative food startup that has developed the healthiest beverage of the market: An organic freshly brewed Ready to Drink Tea full of antioxidants.

Innovation is the core value of OrienTea and it involves all the processes. Several green technologies are used to combine grape skin and seeds (wine by-product) with Japanese green tea leaves and premium ingredients from all over the world.

OrienTea has higher content of natural antioxidants than any other beverage. It has unbeatable taste without added sugar, and additive of any kind.

Two FIPDes graduates and an experienced business & marketing consultant are the core team of this venture. They are currently working on a new and innovative way of marketing.

Check out their site and blog!

More information on the website: www.orienteas.com

Alberto G. (FIPDes graduate 2011-2013)

- Updated July 2016 -