PEIPS Entrepreneurship Awards

PEIPS awards: entrepreneurship and innovation network of Université Paris-Saclay

4 FIPDes students won entrepreneurship award!

PEIPS, the entrepreneurship and innovation network of Université Paris-Saclay granted each project with about 3.000€ in order to enable students to develop their cutting-edge idea.

The aim of this award is to stimulate entrepreneurship among students and encourages the transition from ideas to business while budding the young entrepreneurs.
The jury composed of academic and socio-economic experts decided according to the following criteria : originality, feasibility, economic potential, approach to protection, taking into account of sustainability and risk issues related to the projet, committed collaboration. In total 35 projects got granted

Congratulations to the following two FIPDes teams:

FIPDes students: Gayathri Ramanthan, Karishma Chaudhary, Mariliis Holm
Price : 2.950€
The aim of this future enterprise is to offer French consumers a healthy “fatfree” snack with incorporated vegetables and provide it with a unique texture. The objective will be attained by implementing the innovative technology allowing the students to eliminate oil by excluding the deepfrying step.This technology will allow the innovators to preserve the original flavours of the introduced vegetables in the final product. To realise the project the process in use is planned to be patented.

FIPDes student Ting Chen with Alberto G. J., Pablo Sanz Caballero
Price: 2.800€
OrienTea is the healthiest and most natural ice tea of the market. Its innovative brewing process together with the unique combination of tea leaves, skin and seeds of red grapes, and other organic ingredients, provide high nutritional benefits and unbeatable taste. It has very high level of natural antioxidants, low energetic value and absence of added sugar. Moreover, OrienTea has no extract, concentrate or additive of any kind. Also, it is 100% organic and uses Fairtrade tea.

PEIPS (Pôle Entrepreneuriat Innovation Paris-Saclay) provides students with the context to their projects to facilitate their implementation and also helps with their career entry and development. Young graduates can join one of the incubators in the Paris-Saclay ecosystem and become entrepreneurs. The aim is to acquire organizational, project management, management and communication skills.

Each call for the PEIPS award is open to all students of Université Paris-Saclay, hence also AgroParisTech students.

- Updated June 2016 -