Packaging Protoypes in Lund

Presentation of packaging prototypes

On 18th October, FIPDes students taking he specialisation Food Packaging Design and Logistics had their final project presentation in the course Packaging Technology and Development. The idea of the project is to practically apply knowledge gained during the course, focusing on three major areas: consumer insights, product requirements and sustainability. All projects are done in close collaboration with companies, who provide specific tasks to each group of students. In the course, FIPDes students are mixed with Swedish and other international students. See below each FIPDes student’s prototype!

Student: DuoQuan Blunt
Company: Orkla Foods
Packaging prototype: Tray for the Risifrutti meal, designed to meet the demands of new automated logistics centres

Students: Uvejs Preza, Zagipa Mustafina and Natchaya Hanprerakriengkrai
Company: Go Cirkulär
Packaging prototype: Luxurious refilling packaging for face oil and body oil

Students: Tirouvaasavy Tirougnanassambandamourty and Kryiaki-Eirini Moschou
Company: Ooble
Packaging prototype: Efficient business to business packaging solution for edible straws

Student: Antonios Stamatakis
Company: Mossagården
Packaging prototype: A low-cost hemp seed packaging for small-scale production

Student: Nisha Sunil David
Company: SunFeeds
Packaging Prototype: Aseptic, portion-sized package for nutritional replacement food for the elderly

Former FIPDes student Divya Mohan (cohort 5) participated in the course, both as guest lecturer and as company representative for the project on Ooble’s edible straws! Photo shows Divya with all students in the project group.

- Updated December 2022 -