Parlamat Workshop 2023

During the month of October, the M2 FIPDes students from the Healthy Food Design track at UNINA worked on solving 5 challenges of the dairy industry with Parmalat.

At the beginning of October, in our Nutrition Class, we had a presentation from Parmalat, where we learned about their products and processes. At the end, they presented 5 challenges of the dairy industry, which included sustainable fresh milk production, the milk of the future, functional milk, juices as beauty enhancing products and zero food waste. All of these needed to include strategies which helped solving at least 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The first week after the challenges were randomly assigned to us, we had a brainstorming session in our Nutrition class to share our ideas and hear how the rest of the class would solve our situation. This exercise helped to refine the details of the solutions and to think on other perspectives.

On October 23rd, each team presented their solution to Parmalat’s R&D and Marketing department. We had the chance to hear the company’s opinion and overall, all the presented products and solutions had a very good acceptance.

This project was very enriching since we had the opportunity to collaborate with an international company to solve the problems and exploit the opportunities of today’s dairy industry. Personally, my challenge was about creating 100% sustainable fresh milk and it was interesting learning about farming practices and how there are everyday new innovations that help reduce methane emissions. It was also very enriching listening to the other teams’ ideas, since all the themes were different and defiant.

Karen Trevino, Mexico, Cohort 11

- Updated November 2023 -