Parmalat Workshop

In October 2022, FIPDes students at UNINA had a 2 sessions workshop with Parmalat, one of the world leaders in the dairy business.

We, as part of the FIPDes Cohort 10, wanted to share some of our insights and remarks after the experience:

“The workshop with Parmalat was a great opportunity to know more about the company and specifically about the Research and Development department. We were challenged to propose an Innovative Idea for a case study within 2 weeks, using our creativity and innovation process! We came up with a sustainable solution for an aperitivo time, with snacks and beverage that used circular economy concept” (Nathalia Baptista, Brazil).
“I enjoyed the most the part of developing a new product based on the SDGs. At first our topic was broad but with our team we developed a business idea for producing local and sustainable products. I think we projected very well our creativity in the presentation, and this gave us the opportunity fo work with people from FIPDes and the Erasmus Programme. We received good comments and suggestion to improve our idea from the Parmalat team. All in all, I believe it was a valuable workshop that put our creativity skills to work” (Maria Grazzia Peña, Peru).
“I found this exercise really interesting, as the world is changing fast (climate change, pandemics, war’s etc.) it’s important to adapt to it, and thinking ahead will be a major part in our future employments. Practicing this thinking was important in my opinion and sharpened my skills for the future” (Lucie Chopin, France).
“I liked that they made us think outside the box by giving us a real and raw context. I believe that it is becoming more and more relevant as we move toward our inevitable future, to innovate and design products consciously. Besides that, I feel like it was also a great opportunity for us to work on something like this and to have the support of a company like Parmalat. All in all, it was a rewarding experience that allowed us to be creative” (Gabriela Cortez, Venezuela).
“Is relevant for us as food developers to have quality exchanges and sessions with different companies. Even though we were challenged in creativity matters, I truly believe they positively consider every idea and suggestion we give to have fresh and different perspectives potentially applied into their operations, specially fostered by this international environment we developed ourselves, contrasting with a traditional market such as Italy. Hence, having an active participation gives us the chance to reinforce more and more sustainability and nutrition in the industry” (David Martinez, Mexico)
“First of all, the exercise is really fun and interesting. The topic is relevant and makes us, food scientists, to think more creatively yet to keep in mind what we can contribute more positively to the future of food development and innovation. The meeting with the company is bringing more information and network in the food industry, and with Parmalat specifically, we know more about various dairy and beverage productions” (Chansonita Ear, Cambodia).

- Updated April 2023 -