Participation to the Packbridge Top Packaging Summit

Malmö, Sweden

During 19th to 20th of September, 2017, FIPDes cohort 6 students in Lund joined the Top Packaging Summit in Malmö, Sweden.

Interesting speeches were introduced on latest packaging materials, smart labeling, mega trends, VR application in packaging development, supply chain managements and so on. Afterwards, small group seminars were conducted and allowed us to communicate with speakers freely for deeper interactions. Also several booth with packaging demonstrations were available in this summit.

Besides, cohort 6 students attended The Packbridge Challenge to encourage Syahir Suhaimi and Divya Mohan (The Edibles) from FIPDes cohort 5 for getting selected into finalist. Congratulations to them for eventually got into top 4!!

Article and pictures by Zhuxuezi Zhao, cohort 6

Here is the funny video shot and edited by Zhuxuezi for more inspiration⬇️
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- Updated September 2017 -