Presentation of food packaging prototypes

23rd October 2018: FIPDes students presented food packaging prototypes in the Packaging Technology and Development module.

On 23rd October, students presented their final packaging prototypes in the Packaging Technology and Development module at Lund University. In total, there were 45 international and Swedish students taking the module, all mixed in different groups in order to have a broad professional background and balanced gender distribution. The group assignments were coupled to tasks given by local, regional and international companies, such as Mossagården, Tetra Pak, and Hello Fresh. Attending company representatives were very pleased with the results! As before, the presentation involved a thorough review session were the students, teachers and visiting companies gave their feedback on the packaging prototypes and associated posters.

From the left: Theresa with a new packaging concept for home delivery of frozen food, Elena with an easy to handle packaging for children’s smoothies, and Jan and Fernando with a new design concept for oat bran.

From the left: Kyriaki showing a packaging with a built-in straw replacement, Mathieu with a non-plastic and easy-recyclable package for flour, cereals and other dry foods, and Manava with a down-to-earth packaging for organic hemp flour.

Sonam, Nuti and Ashri with an innovative packaging concept for a vegan semi-hard cheese.

- Updated November 2018 -