Presentation of food packaging prototypes

20 October 2020

The course Packaging Technology and Development marks the start for the FIPDes students’ education at Lund University. From many aspects this course is the basis for their second-year journey within the specialisation Food Packaging Design and Logistics.
The course is based on a packaging development project with industry in peer groups with students from various study programmes. Thus, the participating FIPDes students work together with a mix of Swedish and international exchange students.
During the final presentation on 20 October, theFIPDes students were very happy to present their food packaging prototypes!

A sustainable packaging for home delivery of organic fruits and vegetables

Collaborating company: Mossagården
Participating FIPDes student: Ratchadetch Termpitipong
Challenge: Develop a new packaging solution that should protect the products during delivery, while materials and design should aim for a minimal environmental impact.
Solution: A corrugated cardboard box with moveable separation wall, replaceable cardboard layer for protection and moisture absorption, and paper bags apportionment.

A portion-sized packaging for crisps

Collaborating company: Lantmännen
Participating FIPDes students: Can Feng and Maria Fransisca Njoman
Challenge: Develop a sustainable, protective, easy-to-use and resealable portion-sized package for crisps.
Solution: A rigid monolayer PET packaging, with a compact and airtight single-serving design.

An expo pallet solution for ketchup

Collaborating company: Orkla Foods
Participating FIPDes student: Elsa Safira Kinanti
Challenge: Design a stable secondary packaging for Felix ketchup, ensuring a smooth flow from production to grocery display.
Solution: A corrugated board tray with recycled PET belt for stability, easy handling and good display in the store.

A pro-nature package for hemp crispbread

Collaborating company: Mossagården
Participating FIPDes student: Nusara Intharakasedt
Challenge: Design a package conveying company core values while promoting added values of hemp.
Solution: A sturdy and recyclable kraft paper packaging with a wax barrier layer and resealable aluminium tin tie for moisture protection.

A sustainable packaging solution for lacto-fermented vegan cheese

Collaborating company: BloominGood
Participating FIPDes student: Irineos Georgiou
Challenge: Design a packaging solution for a lacto-fermented vegan cheese.
Solution: A renewable and recyclable mono-material packaging with lid-closing feedback mechanism for improved food shelf-life.

A bio-plastic mushroom packaging

Collaborating company: Svensk Ekosvamp
Participating FIPDes student: Uli Hosse Pastor
Challenge: Make a packaging that stands out from the competition, showing the organic origin of the product and that the brand is environmentally aware.
Solution: A compostable bioplastic mono-material package with an elongated shape, designed for efficient stacking and with an attractive semi-transparent visual appearance.

An easy-recyclable packaging for tortillas

Collaborating companies: AR Packaging and Santa Maria
Participating FIPDes student: Ramyashree Srinath
Challenge: Find a more sustainable packaging solution for tortillas, with a clear communication of the recyclability of the packaging.
Solution: A pressed paperboard tray with a resealable paper-based top film, with clear instructions for use and recycling.

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