Product development module in AgroParisTech

Presentation of two new food products made by FIPDes students cohort 6

The Senior Project module just end last week with the final presentation of their work.

After months of product development from concept in first year, prototyping in Dublin Institute of Technology, the students had to work on the scaling up of this formula during the Senior project in AgroParisTech. The two products that were developped this year were:

Canut : is a fermented cashew-nut beverage. It is a vegan product made from vegetal source (cashew-nut). Its all natural, refreshing and ready to drink beverage which is also non-dairy & cruelty free. Its one of its kind that doesn’t currently exist in the market place and hence has a potential patentability. Further work on it could lead to feasible & profitable outcomes.

Nutrilicious : Nutrilitious is a gluten-free cake with high protein content. The cake comes together with nice chocolate taste and it makes a perfect, “free of indulgence” snack whenever and wherever. One portion contains 5,3 g of high-quality proteins coming mainly from eggs and whey protein isolate which makes it a good fuel for your muscles and brings the energy you need after a workout, during a busy day, or just as a snack to fulfil your daily requirements for proteins.


- Updated November 2017 -