SIAL visit

FIPDes students in Paris have visited the SIAL exhibition on October 17th.

Not even RER B delays could dampen our enthusiasm to visit one of the world’s most important food innovation fairs. SIAL Paris 2022 is where companies, entrepreneurs, and academia come together to showcase their vision of food through the exhibition of new products and technologies.
Across the eight halls, we could taste innovative products in all food categories, such as beverages, dairy, meat, savoury, bakery, snacks, and so on. Plant-based, reductionism, clean-labelling, immune-boosting, traditional ingredients, environmental and ethics, satisfaction and enjoyment, and digital transformation were the trends of this edition.
Another important thing that we were able to do was network! We had the opportunity to talk to company managers, start-up founders, researchers, etc. Networking is always essential for future opportunities!
We spent a day getting inspired and feeding our brains and stomachs with new ideas. It was also an excellent time to build unique experiences among Cohort 11 members!
Leonardo Villegas Hernandez, Cohort 11, Mexico
"I really liked the variety of foods presented. Great opportunity to be on trend, make connections and explore new cuisines!" - Artem (Cohort 11, Ukraine).
"We need 3 days to see everything. It was very big, innovative and diverse. It’s a place to get ideas, to know what is going on"- Devanshi (Cohort 11, India).
"At SIAL, I saw how entrepreneurs and business people do not limit the versatility of food, creating disruptive ideas and products"- Iosselin (Cohort 11, Bolivia).
"After spending the whole day at the SIAL (9km of walking!), the product that I was the most impressed by was cotton candy for the company TooGood, made 100% from chicory root fiber. This gives the product a nutriscore of A. Unfortunately, we did not get to taste the product as they did not have enough samples, but it will be sold shortly at carrefour, keep an eye out! The packaging as well felt nice, it is pink and regressive, which, in contrast to some of the healthy ’’grano’’ products coming out on the market, is a breath of fresh air. It has the looks of any candy product but is much more healthy. I look forward to see at which price this will be sold. The product won a prize of innovation in its category at the end of the day."
Eléonore Boisseau, Cohort10, France
"A product that caught my attention was the Bee Bite, a concept based on bee bread (I never heard about it before). Briefly, it is a super food for bees, that the leftovers are being redirected for human consumption, which contains 20 amino acids including 8 essential ones + vitamins and minerals + Omega 3,9,6... So, lots of healthy claims in just one product that I will need to search more about the truth behind it.
Thank you a lot for this super opportunity! It was the best food trade that I have ever been to!"
Douglas Fornari, Cohort 10, Brazil
"The SIAL start-up was an avenue where new food products that weren’t on the market yet were showcased. It’s no wonder that after my newfound love for foie gras after our trip to Toulouse, the only product I liked at that showcase was a vegan foie gras product. Le Foie Green."
Linda Adu-Kumi, Cohort 10, Ghana


- Updated November 2022 -