Senior Project at AgroParisTech

The Senior Project module at AgroParistech ended on November 16th, with the final presentation of the cohort 7.

It was the achievement of months of product development! Ideas born last year in the Transversal Innovation Project module were prototyped in Dublin Institute of Technology, and finally, for three ideas, the problematic of scaling up was developed in AgroParistech.

"Cha Cha Chia", a Chia Jam product, made mainly with Strawberries and Chia seed. This fruit spread is high in Omega 3, thanks to the mucilage of the chia seed the jam could form a jelly without the addition of pectin.

Veg’N Bite is a prototype of a “muffin-like”, savoury snack, made with carrot leaves. It’s a gluten free and savoury snack, with high protein content. This snack has been developed with different flavour (apple pie and Italian style) and the packaging has been thinking with Cohort 7 in Lund University!

Then, we have the “Soya Ginga”, a drink with a smooth and soft mouth feel with ginger and soya milk. This smoothiness is obtain with the interaction between enzyme in ginger drink and soya milk protein. It’s a non dairy-drink fresh and tasty, perfect for vegetarian and lactose intolerant.

- Updated December 2018 -