Senior project presentation in Lund

On October 15th, the FIPDes students in Lund held their final presentations in the senior project. New falafel wraps and cooking oil recycling – FIPDes students from Cohort 9 showed innovative concepts in the Senior Project in Food and Packaging Innovation.

During the final presentation within the Senior Project in Food and Packaging Innovation at Lund University, FIPDes students showed innovative concepts. The group Falafail presented new and more sustainable falafel wraps, while the ELEO group showed a novel way to take care of used household cooking oil. Read the students’ stories below!

The Falafail project, “Fail fast, learn faster”

In this course we had the unique opportunity to investigate a local phenomenon, while taking on a bigger global issue: the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12, Responsible Production and Consumption. Falafel wraps are ubiquitous in cities and student towns all over Sweden, our group challenged ourselves to reduce the food and packaging waste around falafel wraps while offering a great eating experience through a new packaging design. Through the many workshops, brainstorming and field research, we grew as a team. Our experience propelled us to look deeper into the human experience in food, and apply design thinking in our process.

Uli Hosse Pastor, Maria Fransisca Njoman, Emma Folliet (exchange student at Lund University), Ratchadetch Termpitipong and Can Feng

The ELEO project

The ELEO group identified the problem that used cooking oil causes to pipes when poured down the sink, to the organic waste when being discarded in it, and the fact that a packaging that could be recycled is being wasted when the oil is disposed in the general waste. The group then found out that a uniform system and general directions for used cooking oil disposal for Swedish households do not exist, and determined that the oil can be sold for being converted into biofuel, generating thus a renewable source of energy. ELEO group therefore created a service for improving the disposal of used cooking oil in Swedish households; this is achieved through a mobile app, in which with a few simple steps the user can notify the app for the oil to be collected, while the user earns personalized information for their contribution to the environment, and vouchers for rewarding their action.

Irineos Georgiou, Nusara Intharakasedt, Ramyashree Srinath and Elsa Kinanti


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