Sensory analysis class in Naples

Students in Naples had the opportunity to learn during one week about wine and why Italian wines are so special...

We had the opportunity to visit Avellino where our professor gave us an amazing three day lecture and wine tasting experience. We learned about the techniques and technologies that are employed in order to transform the grapes into delicious wine. The wine production is very important starting from the vineyard until the final product. Also, it demands a lot of knowledge in order to obtain good flavor, excellent quality, consistent product, preventing spoilage, etc.
Moreover, we were able to understand the chemistry behind wine, its chemical composition, physical-chemical properties and how these influence the global sensorial perception of wine.
Italy has a great variety of grapes specific for each region that can only be produced in that same region, which gives an added value to Italian wine.
Finally, we tasted and evaluated different wines based on our previous theoretical and practical training... Definitely a unique wine experience!

Laura Murillo Gonzalez, cohort 5


- Updated December 2016 -