Summer School 2017

The FIPDes Summer School took place from 22nd to 26th of May in Ireland!

The last week of May we FIPDes cohort 6 students had immeasurable pleasure to participate in summer school.

Sensory analysis

It started with the three days intensive studies about sensory analyses including guest lecturer from the University College Cork. We enjoyed testing very different products in various perspectives using the very wide range of sensory methods to highly realize the advantages of each method.


As a Master students following our career endeavors we spent a whole day working on our CVs, enriching them with the necessary information and developing the tips which we have to follow before and during interview from the outfit till the smart answers to the key questions. Now we are ready to present our CVs proudly to the most demanding and highly reputable food companies.
I will not afraid to say that the last day of summer school was one of the most productive. FIPDes hosted Danone Nutricia research from Utrecht. We were pleased to have them and had a whole day session learning more about the Danone values, research spheres and interest areas. Then, FIPDes students experimented the whole process of getting internship or job full of worries, excitement and anxious presenting our one minute pitches along with our brilliantly evolved CVs. Yes, it was somehow scary, but we proudly and - what is mostly important - very uniquely represented our goals and motivation to study and invest in food companies.

So, FIPDes cohort 6 finished its second semester and now is time to have our last dinner and follow our goals in three different countries. It is time to say goodbye, but we are going to meet again: some of us are going back to Paris, some heading to sunny Naples and others to Lund.

This article was written by Taguhi Harutyunyan, cohort 6

- Updated July 2017 -