Testimonials - 2012

FIPDes 2012 2014 par AgroParisTech
Elham Sadegh-Tehrani, Mena Hanna & Julia Schoppe (FIPDes 2012-2014), during the Introduction Module in AgroParisTech (France) on September 2012

Chengcheng Su (FIPDes 2011-2013) before starting the Master 2nd year in the Food Design and Health studytrack in UNINA (Italy)

"Long before I started in FIPDes I had one introduction course in packaging, but what I am learning in Lund is completely different. The strong focus in Sweden on sustainability is one of the most important things I am learning here, both inside and outside the classroom. It is also a very diverse learning environment here since we study together with engineers and chemists and people from a lot of different backgrounds, both Swedish and international. Some module contents are challenging, but manageable! I like the fact that the industry partners, like Tetra Pak, are deeply involved in the courses, and that they also want to have contact with the students."
Karla Marie Paredes (FIPDes 2011-2013), at Lund University (Sweden)

Juan Vargas (FIPDes 2011-2013) before starting the Master 2nd year in the Food Design and Health studytrack in UNINA (Italy)

"The modules in Lund are a perfect complement to my background. It feels I have chosen the right place! From an innovation point of view, especially the Packaging technology and development module and the senior project in Food and packaging innovation are very useful since they are so strongly linked with consumer insights. I have got completely new tools for my work and I feel really updated!"
Viry Pineda (FIPDes 2011-2013), at Lund University (Sweden)

"I have very good impressions of FIPDes – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of such an international group. Regarding our specialization, I like Lund University a lot! We have direct contact with the professors, everything is super-organized and we know what is expected from us, right from the beginning. I also like that written reports are split into several ones during the time of the modules, so you don’t have to deliver one final, big report at the end."
Ivi Kalyvioti (FIPDes 2011-2013), at Lund University (Sweden)

"FIPDes has a great diversity: we are 17 students with 13 nationalities! It enriches and inspires me a lot because we see things differently. I wanted to learn different aspects of food, so I chose to come to Lund after finishing the first year of the FIPDes programme. Modules and projects in Lund are demanding and hard, but it is a great opportunity for me to learn a new area as well. On top of that, I’m getting a holistic view of the food industry by studying packaging and logistics. I have learnt a lot throughout the programme which will be very useful in the future no matter which area I will work in."
Hoyeon Park (FIPDes 2011-2013), at Lund University (Sweden)

FIPDes - Témoignage d’un auditeur par AgroParisTech
Daniel Jelinko (FIPDes 2011-2013) before starting the Master 2nd year in the Food Design and Engineering studytrack in AgroParisTech (France)

« FIPDes for me means enthusiasm, personal development and opportunities.
Enthusiasm of all my classmates, the coordinators, most of the lecturers and the administrative and academic staff. The personal enrichment is given not only from the Universities; we are kind of a “big international family” which is the best thing about FIPDes: the chance to share opinions, experiences and great time with smart people from all over the world.
The first day we arrived at DIT, they asked us why we are here and what we expect. My answer was simple: “I am here to enjoy. I´m into molecular gastronomy field, cooking is one of my hobbies and I like food science. I will be in a professional kitchen with expert chefs as lecturers. I think I will”.
FIPDes helps you to find your passion whatever it is (from run a software regarding food science and education to open a small tomato sauce factory in the countryside) and also to have more opportunities to follow it. In my case, FIPDes has encouraged me to do a PhD next and has given me something that I could never expect a year ago. »
Alberto G. (FIPDes 2011-2013), in DIT (Ireland)

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