Trip to the Quintodecimo winery, November 2014

The 18th of November 2014 was a wonderful hot autumn day and we really enjoyed our trip to the Quintodecimo winery! Located in the heart of the Taurasi area, 80km from Naples.

From the mansion/winery we had an amazing view of the vineyard with the yellow and red leaves. Did you know that during autumn the leaves of the vines have different color depending on the type of grapes? Red grapes have red leaves and white grapes have yellow leaves!
It was a very inspiring trip introducing the world of south Italian wines from the soil to the glass guided by the expert Prof. Luigi Moio. We learned that there is much more than love that goes into the wine making process, except from passion, a lot of technical knowledge, experience, and patience.
A perfect ending of the trip was with a degustation of Buffalo mozzarella di Campania, frittata, olives, cold cuts, and fresh bread, a perfect combination with Quintodecimo’s wines!

Thanks to Paola Piombino and Prof. Moio for this unforgettable Italian experience!

Anette Wennlid, Gabriela Lara & Adriana Balazy (Cohort 2013 - 2015)

- Updated October 2015 -