Visit to ANDES and ALGAMA

The cohort 7 visited ANDES and the start-up ALGAMA hosted in the Genethon incubator this Thursday October 5th.

As part of the module Sustainability in AgroParisTech, the cohort 7 had the opportunity to visit two different structures dealing with food.

ANDES (National association for the development of solidarity groceries) is an association that provide fresh fruits and vegetables to caritative association through wasted food from the Rungis market.
ALGAMA is a company that develop food product with microalgae in order to propose healthy solution to the consumer.

“The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with your own eyes” – Jack Hanna

To experience the flavour of learning, FIPDes team went to the Andes association on Thursday, 05 October in the morning. Andes Association is a French association located at Rungis. Andes work as a food supply chain, who works on donation with support of governmental funding and have their store house where they store food to avoid the food from spoilage. They are working very efficiently, not only to sustain the food (fruits and vegetables) but also to provide the food which comes from fields, markets and other sources to the poor and needy people as a donation. This organization save the food from going into the bins and at the same time feed the needy people. Andes association worked with people in professional rehabilitation. They provide them a job and a professional support to find a job after their training. The food is then supplied to the near areas.
The visit was of great use to know the storage conditions and to learn more about food supplies and source. Moreover, it was great to know about the work being done to stop food wastage and spoilage along with the efficient use of the food to the needy.

After the wonderful visit to Andes association, we visited Genethon incubator in Evry and the start-up Algama. First, we were told about the use of microalgae and the current work being done on it (very impressive). Then, we visited their experimental lab to have a look on the apparatus and how they use the food material. They offered us to taste their products which are going to be launched soon in the markets which surely will be of great success. After all the great time, FIPDes team came back with a lot of new information and experiences. It was a delightful day indeed!

Article written by Mahnoor AYUB (Cohort 7)


- Updated October 2017 -