Visit to Danone Research

New cohort went to Danone research center in Palaiseau !

On September 4th we had the pleasure to go to the Danone Research Center Daniel Carasso, where we have met many incredible "Danoners".

“The visit to the Danone research facility gave us as students glimpses of possibilities for our future […] I am grateful for the experience and very excited to see what else FIPDes has in store for us.”
Janelle Myers, FIPDes cohort 8

The aim was to show to the students how Development and Research work in Danone, by visit different places: pilot plant, labs, Inno-Up team. We also had the pleasure to meet a former FIPDes student, Anna Beauxis-Aussalet, who currently works as Methodologies and Innovation Jr Manager at Danone.

“The visit to Danone is an eye-opener to me and the things that I learned in the visit made me realize how a simple food developer like me, together with the whole team of engineers, technicians, scientist, etc. in food manufacturing business can impact the world.”
Roxanne Mae V. Targa, FIPDes cohort 8


- Updated September 2018 -